Research Practices Instruction Program

The Research Practices instruction program at Oxford College Library orients students to the nature and processes of research and critical inquiry. Librarians work with faculty members from all departments across campus to design a library instruction session that is unique to their class and meets instructor-selected Student Learning Outcomes. Consult the Teaching Information Literacy at Oxford guide for examples of active learning activities that can be incorporated in a session.

In addition to giving in-class sessions, we can assist you with:

  • Designing a successful research assignment
  • Incorporating information literacy principles throughout the semester to improve assignment quality

View Our Assessment Plan to learn how we measure the success of each session and the instruction program. To schedule a library instruction session for your class, fill out the Library Instruction Request Form. For more information about the Research Practices program, contact your Research Engagement Program departmental contact.

Fact Facts

  • 95% of the students who responded to the 2019 MISO survey (39%) were satisfied with library instruction
  • 100% of the faculty who responded to the 2019 MISO survey (78%) were satisfied with library instruction

In the 2021-2022 academic year, the Research Practices team:

  • Taught 143 library instruction classes
  • Embedded teaching librarians in the Discovery Seminars in the fall and spring
  • Published “A Team-Based Approach to Teaching Information Literacy to First-Year and Second-Year Students,” a book chapter in the ACRL publication Hidden Architectures of Information Literacy Programs: Structures, Practices, and Contexts
  • Contributed to the Emory Libraries’ Instruction Steering Committee and Undergraduate Services Council