Streaming Films 

See below for a list of the streaming film collections available to Oxford students, faculty and staff.  Most links below will require your Emory NetID and password. 

Emory also offers access to technical streaming content for learning solutions:

DVDs and Blu-rays

The Oxford College library has a large selection of DVDs and Blu-rays available for lending to students, faculty, and staff.  Other Emory Libraries, including the Marian K. Heilbrun Music and Media Library also provide a vast selection of DVDs/Blu-rays for lending.  All are  searchable  in  Library Search. Collection and Borrowing privileges vary by library.   Please note that some DVDs/Blu-rays are imported and may not play in standard U.S DVD players.  The Oxford College Library does offer a DVD/Blu-ray player for circulation. 

Film Screenings 

If you are interested in hosting a screening of one of the films in our collection, please review Emory's policies and Emory's Films & Copyright guide to see if you need to acquire public performance rights. If you need assistance in acquiring rights, contact a librarian.

Course Reserves  

If you’re planning to use films in the classroom, the Oxford Course Reserves Team can help you.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting films for use in the classroom: 

  • Search any of the above databases and Library Search to see if the library already has access to the film.   
  • Film licensing can expire! Even if you’ve previously used a film, it’s always a good idea to see if it is still available.  
  • Always have a backup film lined up in case the library cannot obtain licensing to the requested film. 
  • Commercial streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and others are designed for individual users only.  The library cannot provide institutional access to these. 

Fulfillment Time 

Please keep in mind that requests for streaming video can vary greatly by supplier and there are cases where the library has to negotiate a new license.  We always recommend having a backup plan in place. 

Faster (1 week average)  

  • The supplier provides access on their own platform which is already set up with us and they have a rapid turnaround time 
  • Examples: Swank Digital Campus, Kanopy, Docuseek2

Medium (2-4 weeks average)  

  • We have an established relationship with the supplier and they usually have a good turnaround time, but we have to host on our own server.  
  • Examples: Women Make Movies, GoodDocs, Grasshopper Film 

Longer (1 month or longer)  

  • Smaller distributors, especially when we do not have an established relationship.  
  • Videos that do not have clearly identified licensors for streaming and require further rights research on our part. 

Request Titles for Purchase 

If you would like to request or recommend something, please see our streaming video purchase request form or contact the Oxford College Library.