Borrowing Privileges

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Emory faculty, staff, and students have library privileges at all Emory Libraries. The Emory Card/ID is used for a library card.


Emory alumni have lifetime borrowing privileges that require a yearly renewal.  Alumni should come to the library's main desk to set up a library account.  Call 770-784-8380 or email to renew.

Families of Emory Faculty, Staff, and Students

Family members may apply for privileges at the library's main desk. Oxford staff or faculty must be present with the family member to set up initial borrowing privileges.


The Oxford College Library welcomes all non-Emory visitors but cannot extend borrowing privileges to our guests.  Visitors must bring a photo ID and sign-in at the library's main desk at each visit.  For computer use, visitors must be working on research at another school or university. See our library schedule for visitor hours.

Other Universities

Students and faculty with a valid ID from Georgia State, Georgia Tech, or the University of Georgia can set up an account at the Oxford College Library's main desk during regular business hours only.  Borrowing privileges are conditional upon confirmation of good standing by the user's home library. 

Students from colleges and universities outside of Atlanta should email the library for information about borrowing privileges.