Mission and Vision

Library Mission 

As an academic and social hub of the Oxford College campus, the library works to support students, faculty, and staff in their academic pursuits and build an inclusive community of collaboration. By providing student-centered services, resources, and spaces, we are dedicated to empowering students to think critically about and ethically engage with information. The library is a gateway to resources from across the University and offers a diverse collection of print and digital materials, technology rich spaces for exploration and play, and a commitment to excellent service. Within an environment of holistic community engagement, we invite users to participate in personal growth, information literacy instruction, learning and research opportunities, and preservation of the history of Oxford College as a part of the larger University. We are proud to accompany users either in person or virtually on their journeys of discovery, research, and learning.

Library Vision 

  • Build an inclusive and transformative academic and social environment for the Library and pursue anti-oppression in the library profession and the Oxford College community.
  • Through creativity, innovation, and partnerships, lead Oxford College as experts in the areas of research support, information literacy pedagogies, and open education.
  • Develop and enrich collaborative digital scholarship initiatives that are fully integrated into the Oxford College curriculum and community.
  • Gain visibility on the local, regional, and national levels by sharing our expertise through scholarship and research.