Request or Recall Materials

COVID-19 Virtual Services Update: Requesting Items through Mail

Request Items from Oxford or Emory Libraries (On-Campus or Virtual)

Faculty, staff, and students may request items that are not in Oxford’s collection (or are checked out) but are available at another Emory library. Items requested to Oxford's campus from another Emory library usually arrive at Oxford within 2 to 3 business days. You will be notified via email when the item is available for you to come check out.

To request an item from another library to be delievered to Oxford's campus: log in to your discoverE account, then look up the item in discoverE. Choose the “Locate/Request Item” tab, click the "Request" link and select "Oxford College Library" as Pickup Location. Click the orange "Request" button to submit.

Request Article or Chapter

All Emory faculty and library staff are eligible for the "Request Article or Chapter" service (scanned articles or chapters) from the Emory Libraries. Eligible materials include journal articles and book chapters from the print collections in participating libraries.

  • Request through discoverE, using the “Request Article or Chapter” tab.
  • Five articles per patron per business day.
  • Requests will be filled in one to four business days; extensive requests may require more processing time at the discretion of the holding library.
  • Fifty page limit per request.
  • Access articles via your ILL account.

Participating Libraries 

  • Woodruff
  • Music and Media
  • Science Commons/Chemistry
  • Health Sciences
  • Law
  • Oxford College
  • Theology

Locating Items in the Stacks

Items are either in the compact shelving (bookstacks) or in the reading nook by the circulation desk (graphic novels, Emory authors, new books, and bestsellers).

When you cannot find a book on the shelf, please come to the Oxford Library Circulation Desk for assistance.

Recalling a Checked Out Item

Patrons may recall items that are currently checked out to other patrons. Initiating a recall request will shorten the due date for the book to ten days from the date of the recall. Patrons who have placed recall requests will be notified once the book is returned.

To recall an item, log in to your account, look up the item in discoverE and then select the "Request" tab to place a recall.

Request an Item from the Library Service Center

Some of Emory's collections are located in the Library Service Center. Requested items usually take about 3 business day to arrive. To request an item from the Library Service Center, log in to your account, look up the item discoverE and click on the “Request Tab” to display the list of items held by the library.

In addition, current Emory faculty, staff, and students can request Georgia Tech items from the Library Service Center. Under the "Physical Resource" tab for a record, click on the "Request from Georgia Tech." Requested items usually take about 2 business days to arrive.

Request a Book for Purchase

Want to recommend the library purchase a title that isn’t in the collection? Please complete a purchase request form.