Non-Emory Visitor Information

Visitors, including alumni, the local community, parents, affiliates, and friends are welcome to use the Oxford College Library during the hours listed below.  Visitors may use library spaces for study or research, access library resources in the building, or enjoy a cup of coffee at the Oxpresso Café.


Visitor Hours

Academic Year:                                 Sunday-Thursday: 8AM-8PM
                                                                   Friday-Saturday: 8AM-4PM

Summer and Intersessions:            Monday-Friday: 8AM-4PM

Click here for a full list of semester visitor hours and exceptions.

Visitor WiFi Access

EmoryGuest wireless access is provided for visitors of Emory University who have not been granted a Network ID and password for access to the Internet. Users must have an active wireless card that is set up to detect new networks and should select the EmoryGuest network from the list of the available networks.

EmoryGuest wireless network users are automatically logged off after 4 hours and do not have full bandwidth or privileges available to Emory users. Also, EmoryGuest does not have access to Emory University's electronic resources that are restricted to Emory University faculty, staff, and students.

Emory alumni are encouraged to obtain an Alumni Card, which will provide unrestricted access to the library.  Information on acquiring a card for alumni is available through the EmoryCard Office.

Access to Electronic Resources and Visitor Workstations

To access electronic resources, such as databases, eJournals, eBooks, etc., please visit the Information Desk to ask for assistance.  While many eResources are available to visitors, some are restricted.

To use library computer workstations and access electronic resources visitors must present identification (Driver’s license or valid student identification from another College/University), complete a visitor registration form, and sign the visitor log.  Also, library staff may sign a visitor onto a computer for short-term printing needs.

Visitors may use the designated computers in front of the library information desk.  If these computers are being used by other patrons, the library staff member may log the visitor onto another computer near the information desk.

Current faculty, staff, and students at UGA, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, and ARCHE (Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education) member institutions ARCHE Institutions; spouses or family of Emory University faculty, students, and staff; and other affiliates have borrowing privileges at the Emory libraries.  They should fill out a borrower application and then the staff member will enter them into the ALMA circulation system.