Non-Emory Visitor Information


Registered visitors are welcome to use the library during the following hours:

Academic Year:
Sunday-Thursday: 8AM-10PM
Friday-Saturday: 8AM-4PM

Summer and Intersessions:
Monday-Friday: 8AM-4PM


  1. All visitors must complete a visitor form on their first visit to the library. A valid Driver's License is required to complete this form.
  2. Visitors must present a valid ID (student ID from another college/university or driver’s license) and sign in and out of the visitor log during each subsequent visit.
  3. Visitors must wear a visitor badge while they are in the building.
  4. After signing in, all visitors are welcome to use the collection within the building during visitor hours.
  5. Visitors may only use the computers if they have school-related research and the express written permission to use the computers from Kitty McNeill, Dean of the Library, or Kitty’s designee in the event of her absence.
  6. Visitors may only use the three computers located in front of the library information desk. If these computers are taken then they MAY NOT use any of the other computers.