Library Print Center

The Library Print Center includes two black and white printers and a color printer/copier. Use your EmoryCard and funds in your OPUS account to print and make copies at the Oxford Library. Simply swipe your EmoryCard at any of the print stations and select the documents you would like to print. If you need to add money to your OPUS account, an ADM machine is conveniently located in the cafe space where funds can be directly deposited into your OPUS account.


  • Black & white single-sided: 8¢ per sheet

  • Black & white double-sided: 12¢ per sheet

  • Color single-sided: 50¢ per sheet

  • Color double-sided: 75¢ per sheet

Copying and Scanning

Use the library Print Center to photocopy, scan, fax, print and staple. Prices for photocopying are the same as for printing.

Printing from Your Personal Laptop

To be able to print from your personal laptop, you will need to install the Pharos Uniprint software on your machine