About Oxford College Library

Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

“The library offers a powerful combination of traditional resources, high technology, and well-designed spaces to build community, increase communication, and inspire achievement in a liberal arts intensive environment.”1 By providing superior resources, services, and teaching and learning opportunities, we enhance the intellectual and personal growth of the Oxford College community.

1Bowen, Stephen. Oxford College Library 2010-2011 Guide to Services and Resources. 2010.

Our Vision

Leading innovation within a transformative and evolving learning environment by:

  • advancing the goals of the Emory Libraries and Information Technology Services, Oxford College, and the University through collaborative partnerships;
  • fully integrating the library’s role into the teaching, learning, research, and personal enrichment of the Oxford College community;
  • developing and enriching interactive and collaborative digital learning experiences; and
  • becoming a leader on the local, regional, and national levels by expanding our presence and services.

Annual Reports and Library Stats

Annual Reports







Library Stats



*After 2009-2010 the Library Stats were included in the Annual Report.