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  1. Latino Literature

    The most comprehensive collection of Latino Literature yet created. When complete it will include 100,000 pages of fiction and poetry and 450 plays, representing the Chicano culture and all the different ethnicities of Latin American writers with a Hispanic background working in the United States.

    Although the collection includes materials from the Nineteenth Century, the vast majority of the materials are from the Chicano Renaissance to the present.

    Subjects: Comparative Literature, Ethnic Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Spanish

  2. Left Index

    Provides access to the diversity of literature on leftist politics and socio-economic affairs (communism, anarchism, marxism, etc.). Other topics covered include the labor movement, ecology and environment, race and ethnicity, social and cultural theory, sociology, art and aesthetics, philosophy, history, education, law, and globalization.

    For help using this resource, contact Chris Palazzolo, Political Science and International Documents Librarian.

    • Coverage: 1990 to present

    Subjects: Ethnic Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Womens and Gender Studies