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  1. Macmillan Cabinet Papers 1957-1963

    Macmillan Online provides historians and political scientists with direct access to over 30,000 documents from the highest level of the British Government during the Macmillan Administration.

    Covers not only domestic politics but also major foreign policy challenges including the erection of Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile, Crisis and the dissolution of the British empire. Includes scholarly essays to provide context.

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    • Coverage: 1957-1963

    Subjects: African Studies Sub-Saharan, Area Studies, Government Information, History Modern 1800-, Archives and Primary Sources

  2. MarciveWeb DOCS

    MarciveWeb DOCS is the World Wide Web version of MARCIVE's GPO record database. MarciveWeb DOCS includes GPO records from 1976 to the present as well as shipping list records for access to titles not yet cataloged.

    You can also check to see whether your library or others you are interested in might have the titles you are looking at.

    • Coverage: 1976 to present

    Subjects: Multidisciplinary Databases, Government Information